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I Love Dust

Being the project oriented person that I am, I was walking past my television this morning, and tut tutting the accumulation of dust on the screen which sported finger painted pictures courtesy of my two sons. A great sigh of frustration and discontent involuntarily escaped me as I wearily went to get a dust rag and tackle the latest dusting project. Then it hit me. I was looking at this all wrong.

I actually love the dust in my house now. The wonderful accumulation of dust reminds me of all the fun and exciting adventures and games I have enjoyed with my boys, the wonderful nights snuggled to my husband watching a movie, the great walks I have taken with my dog and the many orders I have fulfilled for my MommyLoves customers - all of which I have chosen to do rather than dusting my house.

I will smile the next time I see the intricate finger paintings on the T.V. screen, and relive the good times between dustings. I wonder what amazing adventures await between now and then?

What have you chosen to do rather than dust?

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