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Am I in the Twilight Zone?

After surfing the channels last night, and stumbling upon at least four different, but equally idiotic, Reality Shows, it occurs to me that Reality TV Stars are only Acting through their lives for the time they are on TV and being paid.

I also found The Twilight Zone, and actually I prefer to be in the Twilight Zone. My friends and acquaintances will probably say I already live there. Yeah, The Twilight Zone was scary, eerie and out of the box, or rather out of your mind, but at least it was creative and felt, well, real.

I prefer to run my business from The Twilight Zone, too. Yes, it is scary, eerie and out of my mind, but again, creative and real. I have probably impersonated many of the characters in this series while sitting in front of my computer, or standing in front of our machines, too. I also hire people in The Twilight Zone - creative and real, and able to put up with or join me in my many character driven plots.

I have worked with many aspiring Reality TV Stars, and can usually spot them a mile away in the heavy fog. These are not the people I want helping my customers, via email or phone, because they worry more about looking like a Kardashian than being a happy, helpful MommyLoves team member. So, starting this new year, new decade, I have one question for you:

Do you surround yourself with aspiring Reality TV Stars, or do you live in The Twilight Zone?

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