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We're Testing the Social Media Machine

We are offering a promotion/giveaway through the month of September in anticipation of the 2010 holiday season.

MommyLoves designed this promotion using some techniques we borrowed from the publishing industry PR world, and we are hoping it will be a hit with both our social network subscribers and business networking partners.

Here's how we designed our promotion ~
1) We contacted like, yet non-competing businesses in our network.
2) We searched for others to network with.
3) We asked for free products from specific businesses in one of the four categories we service.
4) We asked all our network, and the networks of the giveaway product businesses to promote the giveaway for the entire month through Facebook/Twitter/Newsletters/Blogs.
5) We are sending content about the giveaway product businesses to our social network subscribers.
6) We are asking our network partners to do the same with us.

We shall see if this social network blitz produces anything near our past advertising efforts.

Any social media test results for your own business promotion?

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