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Time is . . .

Yes, we have all heard, and probably lived by the saying, 'Time is Money'. If you are a business owner, or manager, you certainly hope your employees and vendors live by it, but how can you be sure with this wonderful thing called the internet?

I am constantly amazed when I check the site stats of and I see all the visitors (both unique and repeat) browsing our site at work. State organizations, Federal organizations (including the Pentagon) and Fortune 500 companies all have employees visiting and buying from - a maternity and family novelty apparel company. I can almost guarantee that our site is not a matter of National Security - there was that one time that someone from Canada wanted to buy wholesale products from us for a supposed store in Iran for delivery on the anniversary of 9/11 in 2006, but that was "Kiss My Bump", not the "TwoPeas" design purchased by someone at the Pentagon. One of our competitors, by the way, had no qualms filling that order, while we called the FBI and said 'No Thank You' to the business on principle alone. Two weeks later, suspected Al Qaeda members were arrested in Qatar with 10 lbs. of explosives and maternity clothing . . . at least it wasn't ours!

Anyway, you are reading this, so I will give you more than your money's worth - unless your employees give you reason to doubt their judgement, trust that they are searching on your behalf, and that their searches and purchases will benefit your business. If you don't, our business will suffer, so Thank You!

Here's to another successful year coming to an end, and another wildly wonderful one being born ~

See you in the next decade.

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