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Supporting Strong Women

We have all had adversity in our lives. I have never met a woman (or man for that matter, but they don't talk about it as much as we females) who had perfect parents or perfect health or perfect childhood memories or perfect children. Some of us have more adversity to overcome than others, of course, and we all deal with it in our own ways.

Yesterday, I had the chance to reconnect with a friend and local networking buddy. I found out she has breast cancer, and just had a lumpectomy. This hit very close to home of course with my recent encounter with this disease through my mother-in-law, and I must admit that I am scared for my friend. Cynthia is young . . . a little younger than me in fact and I'm on the backside of my 40's. She has two young girls, and lots of friends and support. At night, however, she still has to sit with her own thoughts and fears for her life and the lives of her children. I can't help but put myself in her shoes and feel fear, but at the same time strength and resolve.

There are countless organizations supporting every disease known to mankind, and there are also countless organizations supporting women and their children. Cynthia and her amazing friends have decided to start a non-profit organization supporting other strong women who are celebrating their lives while battling disease, and they have kindly asked me to take part in my own small way. I am extremely honored, and will devote my time in honor of Jean Johnson, my mother-in-law. Jean went well beyond her given title in my life - she treated me as her own daughter, and that made all the difference in my life, and the lives of my sons. Please keep watch and visit often for the details as they unfold, and we start promoting this amazing new organization. We all need and give support.

What strong woman needs your added strength today? Is it you? Then just ask.

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