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Through My Internet Travels

Creating an internet based business from what was once a passion is very difficult, but easier than I thought.

Hello Everyone ~

My name is Mary Johnson, and I founded and manage and  I didn't do this alone, however.  There are many people from all over the world who helped me, and continue to support and encourage me, as I do them.  I would love to share this journey with anyone who wants to listen, and possibly learn, and maybe we can contribute to the unique journeys undertaken by Moms, Dads and those who love them.

Visiting this blog will introduce you to many of the people that contribute to my journey every day.  Some are in my physical neighborhood, and many are in my internet neighborhood, but all are doing amazing things with their lives.

From doing their best to raise their own kids to doing their best to promote family products on such networks as ABC, Lifetime and Discovery Health, we all have one thing in common . . . we love to chat about our families and our businesses.

So, sit down (like you aren't already?), buckle up (haven't yet bought the latest buckling office chair for those of us who get very animated when we type?) and enjoy the ride!